Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in simple terms is used to refer to an online marketing channel in which advertisers (online merchants) and publishers (affiliates) come together. This is one of the most popular source of earning funds online. Affiliate marketing can also be referred to the modern equivalent of the practice of paying finder’s-fees for the introduction of new clients to a business. It is one of the most effective and powerful ways to earn online.

Affiliate marketing works on a pay per performance model. Affiliates place ads or banners on their websites to refer potential customers to the merchant’s website. Once the customer is referred to the merchant’s website, the merchant will pay the affiliate a commission for the successful introduction. Affiliates are paid on a commission basis, rather than a fixed fee. This means the merchant does not have to incur any marketing expenses unless the desired result is achieved.

Why is affiliate marketing such a great way to earn online? Well, simply put, affiliates and merchants have a very successful relationship and partnership. It is in the best interests of both parties to have a very good relationship. There are a variety of ways in which both can benefit from this partnership.

From the merchants’ point of view, they can see that by partnering with affiliates they will be able to vastly increase their profit margin. This will in turn translate into more profits for the merchant. It is also a great way for the affiliate to gain some extra money just by promoting a product or service on their website.

From the affiliates’ point of view, they are able to earn money in several ways. Probably the two biggest ways are by having a direct link to the merchant’s website and when a client clicks on this link, and then buys, the affiliate is paid a portion of the sale. Also, there are some merchants that will pay a flat rate for every referral that is made. And finally, there are some affiliates that are able to earn commission by referring others to the merchant’s website. This is where the affiliate gets the additional income that they desire.

From a merchants’ point of view, affiliate marketing can be very lucrative for them. They will be able to gain numerous benefits from starting this kind of business. Once they register and decide to do business with the merchant, then normally, they will have to inner launch this new program. This could be on a form a publisher submits to the search engines, or it could be a kind of a press release. This could be used to bring more visibility to the merchant’s products and services.

Merchants get increased traffic and will, in turn, be able to increase their sales. Also, it gives the merchant a card to contacting potential buyers, a good thing, especially with all the competition out there.

Another benefit to the merchant is that he will be able to get his brand and his product or service easily branded in the market place. Furthermore, the Route Happy program gives the merchant increased traffic and will, in turn, be able to increase their sales.

Route Happy program seems to be a legitimate affiliate marketing program and so far has received praise from affiliates and network experts. So far, the only con regarding this program is the fact that both the merchant and the affiliate must be offline to finalize the deal. This means that affiliate’s who are out and about can still refer this program to many of their friends and colleagues. This trick is however, totally useless if you don’t have friends in the first place.

In my opinion, despite the scam element in it, the program must be engaged by millions of internet users worldwide. Where can these users be found? On the World Wide Web, of course! On the affiliate program sites, affiliates are advertising and marketing this program to many people.

People who want to earn extra money online are highly attracted by the prospect of affiliate marketing. What is good about this business is that anyone can join and earn their way to success. Affiliates are easily found as long as you know how to find the best programs.

So far, my experience with this business has been very positive. I encourage other aspiring affiliate marketers to also try this program so that they can prove to themselves just how easy and profitable this business can be.


Rajnish Kumar (Digital Rajnish) is an Indian digital Entrepreneur & Blogger. He is also CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency Named OPINTA™ Solutions.

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