Top 21 Business Ideas in Pune with Small Investment 2021

Top 21 Business Ideas in Pune with Small Investment 2021

In today’s blog post we will share the top 21 business ideas in Pune with a small investment, which you can start today. I am sure this article will definitely help you as we know that Pune is a metro city with many industry sectors and many companies.

some important areas like technology, education and service sector, which are widely Developed in Pune, so this idea will consider the best idea for starting a business with a small investment

List of Top 21 Business Ideas in Pune with Small Investment

Business Ideas in Pune

1) Gym & Fitness Center

During the pandemic, peoples are more aware of their health and fitness. So starting the Gym, the fitness centre is going to consider the best business idea. Even you can start this business from home where you can give training to your clients through an online medium with a very small investment.

2) Computer Repairing & Sales Service

In today’s time, everyone is using a computer and Laptop. So it’s a good idea to open Computer Repairing and Sales service shop near to your local location in Pune.

3) Blogging

In today’s time everyone is searching for work from home business then here is good news for you that you can start blogging from your home with a very low investment where you can make a decent amount of money. To start blogging you will require a domain name and hosting plan, before that you have to decide your niche based on your interest then you can start blogging.

4) Hair Salon

As in Pune Metro City, every individual is focusing more on personal grooming to enhance their personality. So it’s a great idea to start Hair Salon near your location.

5) Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Starting a Laundry and Dry Cleaning business in Pune is a great idea as this business is considered an evergreen business. To start this business you will require good retail space and laundry equipment.

6) Make-up saloon

The make-up saloon is also one of the best growing business ideas. To start the make-up saloon you need to have some experience for that you can also join classes where you will get fully trained. In this business, there are lots of opportunities during some specific seasons like Weddings, events, birthday parties, etc.

7) Medical Store

Starting a Medical store is also a great idea but before starting a medical store you need to get a permit for a drug license. In this business, you can also affiliate with some hospitals to increase more sales.

8) Mobile Retail & Repairing Shop

In today’s time, every individual is using Mobile phones, especially in the metro city so the demand for mobile shops and repairing centres has increased. So it’s a good option to start Mobile Retail & Repairing Shop near your retail space

9) Renting car

Renting car business is also growing widely in Pune. If you have your own car then you can start your own car renting business or you can partner with popular cab services like OLA, Uber.

10) Food Restaurant

The food restaurant business is also a very popular business model and it’s like an evergreen business. To start a restaurant you need to find a good location and hire a chef for the restaurant & get a well-developed infrastructure of your restaurant which will help you to attract more customers.

After setting up a restaurant, you need to spend some time in your restaurant’s marketing so that more people will know about your restaurant.

11) Playschool

Playschool business idea is the best option because there is a great opportunity in Pune Metro city where people give more importance to education. In this business, you can give the best quality education to children with lots of facilities like a garden, ground, games and many more.

12) Cafe

As in Metro city, the Cafe business is getting popular day by day and this is a most profitable business idea where you can start it with a small investment. In this cafe business, you will require the best location to set up and some cafe equipment.

13) Events Company

Events company is also one of the fastest-growing industries where you can help people in organizing the events like weddings, corporate, festival events. People in Pune looking around the events companies who can give the best offers.

14) Online Marketing Company

In Pune Metro City every businessman has aware of online marketing which can take their business to next level. So everyone business person is in search online marketing company who can give the best quality services. So it’s a great idea to start an online marketing company.

15) Coaching Classes

As in today’s time, every student is looking around for the best coaching classes and if you are the one who can teach any concept with proper understanding then you can start a coaching centre near to you, or else at the beginning you can start from your home with small investment later on you can convert it into coaching centre.

16) Plants & Vegetables Nursery

You can easily open this business of plants and vegetable nursery business where you can sell different varieties of plants and vegetables. To open this business you require some open space where you can grow them or else you buy them from the wholesale market.

17) Placement Consultancy

In today’s Metro City everyone is looking around placement in companies so it’s a great opportunity to open a placement consultancy office where you can guide the people on how they can get placement what skills they need to improve. Before opening placement consultancy you need to network with many companies and HR for good placement.

18) Catering

The catering business is also one of the profitable businesses where you can help people during functions like weddings, birthday parties, ceremony. To start this business, you will require some utensils, manpower, space, and start your business.

19) Poultry Business

The poultry business is also one of the solid business ideas where you can start this business with a small investment initially and connect with restaurants and small food shops to increase more sales.

20) Buying & Selling Used Cars

In today’s metro city everyone requires cars for themselves and their family. Most of the peoples are looking for used cars at the best price in good condition so this will be the best opportunity for you to start a business.

In this business, you will require to purchase used cars and sell them to others but at the initial level, if you don’t have capital then you can meet buyer and seller and you can take your percentage after making a deal.

21) Photography

In today’s time shooting photos is like a trend and Photography is also a super growing business. If you have a passion for photography then this business is for you. To start a Photography business you need a good camera and other equipment


In this blog, we have discussed the Top 10 Business Ideas in Pune with Small Investment 2021 if you find this helpful please share it with your friends. If you have any query you can comment down below or you can contact us.


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