SEO – How To Find The Right Keywords

SEO – How To Find The Right Keywords

You can get targeted keyword traffic without battling high competition. Optimizing your website for terms that are not so competitive can produce good results.

Here are the best methods to find guaranteed keyword traffic using:

  1. List the keywords that you believe or expect to get high traffic and low competition. If you are unable to get onto the first page of the search engine for your preferred keywords you might need to focus on other keywords.
  2. Use common sense when selecting your keywords. The most general keywords are the ones that are the most searched. If you choose keywords that are very general it is likely that the number of competing sites is also quite large.
  3. Use the free keyword search tool: Google keyword tool is not the only keyword tool available. There are other tools available and they may yield somewhat similar results. It is good if you include all the relevant keywords within the search box, just in case the search engine does not search for certain terms.
  4. chiropractic dummy keyword tool: This tool is useful when you want to find the most popular keywords for a specific chiropractic practice. This tool will show you the number of searches performed for various keywords within the chiropractic industry on a monthly basis.

Submitting The Advertising Numbers: After you have thoroughly performed your keyword research, the next important step is to find out the competition for the keywords you have selected. There are several ways you can do this. One method is to see the number of competing sites for the keywords you have picked. This number will appear right next to the keywords in the search engine results. I would recommend that for effective traffic building your practice should have a competitor for the practice keyword.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool: In order to find out about the best keywords to use for your chiropractic marketing online, you need to use the Google AdWords keyword tool. As the name suggests, the Google AdWords Keyword Tool will help you pick the most beneficial keywords to use for your chiropractic marketing. This tool is very simple and straight forward. You only need to enter the keywords that you think will be relevant for your chiropractic marketing efforts. This tool will then provide you a list of popular keywords that are relevant to your chiropractic practice.

inkle-AgeLook through the keyword tool lists provided by Google AdWords and determine the number of searches performed for each keyword. You can use the following methods to determine the keyword numbers that you will need to rank next to your targeted keywords.

  1. Google Trends: You can use the “Show Options” box under the ” columns” of the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to select a new option called “sense” (effective theme): This will show you the search numbers for terms in which the keyword is frequently searched.
  2. Google PPC: You can use the “how” tab to get LSI keyword phrases for a specific topic. You can then narrow your search to the “sense” for that topic:
  3. Google On-Site Optimization: You can use the “site” tab to find the optimized pages for that keyword on a website. Simply scroll down and locate the “meta” information for each page. There should be a tag called “title” and contain the keyword for each page. There is also a chance that the keyword will be bolded.

link buildingThe “Ethics” label indicates that Google areethicaland will penalize these sites. In order to avoid being penalized by Google we recommend that you do not use these techniques:-

  1. Do not use ” Hidden Text”.
  2. Do not use “Select All”.
  3. Do not copy another site’s content.
  4. Do not create a duplicate of existing content and re-submit the pages to search engines.
  5. Do not create new pages using wholesale or other non- quotations.
  6. Do not use or mix duplicate content with fresh content.
  7. Do not link to Low-Quality Websites.

Submit Articles to get ranked and indexed

You can write a brief article on a topic related to your website and submit it to search engines for a possible link. Most websites allow you to submit your entire website for a certain number of links. Some websites allow you to submit only a specific page or the whole site. Just be sure to read the site’s terms of service before submitting. After you have submitted your website it is important to read their terms of service, this will prevent your website from being deleted. Most sites have contacting information on their guidelines.

We have provided this information for you, the reader, to make your decision on which S.E.O company you want to use. If you follow the companies guidelines you can be confident that your website will be indexed and ranked in the search engines.


Rajnish Kumar (Digital Rajnish) is an Indian digital Entrepreneur & Blogger. He is also CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency Named OPINTA™ Solutions.

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