How to Get Rid of Antivirus IS

How to Get Rid of Antivirus IS

Antivirus IS a newly created rogue antivirus program which has been designed to do two things. First it will try and steal your personal information from your computer, and second it will ruin your system. This antivirus IS infection is based on older virus infections, and needs to be removed using an effective method. This tutorial will show you how to remove the virus.

This program was designed to steal your personal information from your computer. It is a highly destructive virus, and will try to steal your credit card number, address, passwords and other information personal information. This is done by the software as part of its ” marketing research”. You will need to remove this virus from your system before it causes any more damage to your computer.

Also know as Windows Antivirus, this virus is a rogue program which will block vital Windows features and create a lot of “error messages” in Windows. Once the virus is on your computer it will block the Task Manager, it will prevent you from opening the Internet Explorer, and it will grab your passwords.

How to remove Antivirus IS

Manual Method:

If you know what you are doing, this is a method which you can follow. But I warn you that it is very risky, because if you delete the wrong files in Windows, then you could lose data or otherwise harm your computer.

If you want to manually remove the virus, you need to to:

  1. Kill all the processes that the virus runs in the Windows Task Manager.
  2. Remove all the malicious files and registry entries the virus creates.
  3. Delete the DLL files the virus uses to load itself up and function.
  4. Clean out all the infected registry entries from the Windows registry.
  5. Search and delete all the infected files and registry keys he has infected in the normal folders.

The thing which makes manual removal so complicated is that Antivirus IS will place large number of random files into random folders. These files will reload the virus if you don’t delete them timely. Additionally, you need to logger Antivirus IS from running by blocking all its hidden files and settings.

Once the virus is removed, you will have a computer that is virus free and run like a new system. However, if you are low on resources, this process can take some more than an hour.

Automatic Method:

The best and most cost effective way to remove Antivirus IS from your system is to download a removal tool. This is the most effective way to get rid of the virus because the virus is quite sophisticated and has a lot of files which it uses to run. Automatic removal of the virus is the best option because it not only scans all the folders where the virus stores itself, but also it is constantly updates to all the hidden enclaves the virus has. Antivirus IS removal tools are designed to scan all the hard drives of your computer and to delete all the infected files quickly.

Unlike manual removal, which takes time and expertise,Automatic Antivirus IS removalcan be done in minutes. This is why I always tell my friends and colleagues about Automatic Antivirus IS removal, and recommend it to them whenever they encounter a fake antivirus infection.

Final Tip:

Listed above are some of the ways of Antivirus IS removal. Don’t just go downloading a removal tool, especially the free ones, that will inject additional malware into your system. Manual removal instructions are available on the links below. You can follow the procedures religiously if you want, but it is always better to prevent malware infection in the first place. You can avoid all the hassle of cleaning up your computer if you can prevent it with the help of Antivirus IS removal tools.


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