What are RSS Feed and the benefits of RSS feed in SEO?

RSS feed in SEO: RSS (Rich Site Summary) utilizes a family of conventional feed formats to print regularly updated info: blog entries, news reports, sound, video. An RSS document incorporates full or outlined text, and metadata, such as publishing date and author’s name.

Adding RSS feeds might assist a site rank, but in a less direct manner than the exceptional articles available on your own pages. Obviously, if you’re directing multiple feeds into your webpage, it isn’t sensible or useful to take each of the links and then rewrite the content onto your pages.

If you add RSS feeds that are customized or uninstalled, they will have a flow of keywords you won’t necessarily rank for, however, if applicable keywords (by definition ) to other words and phrases on your website, they’ll be viewed as relevant.

The freshness of advice can also be a measure of how well your pages will rank. Using an RSS feed onto the page implies you’re receiving information from someplace; that advice will ordinarily be a website, information, research results or product inspection or something that’s updated frequently (rather than static content).


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