Stopophoning Your Competition in Affiliate Marketing

Do you know someone who wants to start an affiliate marketing business very often? Then ask this question, why they want to start affiliate marketing? You will perhaps have heard from many people that someone who succeeds in affiliate marketing has spent very little on advertising compared to the time and money he or she spent to create the affiliate program and product.

I agree that this person has exactly what we are looking for, a win-win situation. This person has what we want to achieve and more importantly he or she has what we must have to become successful too. However, three times I read that someone easily spends more than $10,000 on PPC and only to find out after 300 clicks almost the same people are ranking higher or lower than him or her. Who licences this expensive mistake?

I believe that the fact that someone easily spends so much without knowing if he/she won’t have the necessary information to get the business up and running is a clear indication that something is wrong. So why do almost 98% of the affiliate marketing newbies lose their shoes in this game? Because they don’t know how to get leads over the Limits legally? Sounds silly right? But how much money can a newbie expand in this kind of market?

I read somewhere that one of the newbie leads was worth $io1000 and another $io200 in less than 14 days. I believe this is another sign of the Territory of knowledge. Let me give you an example. Suppose you rank at the top of Google for the keyword “how to make money online” and spend a total of $100 on PPC for that search. You will probably spend more than $io1000 because there are many other advertisers for that keyword. But without relevant targeted traffic, there is no way you can get the success that you want. So it seems that our main concern is to get targeted traffic.

And all of us newcomers know what advertising costs, especially when we are just starting out. It’s impossible to pay the prices for the keywords in the low range of $0.05 when you are just starting out. So it makes sense for us to spend as little as possible to get the most visibility for our keywords. And to get back again in the same tables where we can invest our money in high targeted keywords in the range $0.20-$0.35.

But in the end, it does not really matter whether you get targeted traffic in the low range of $0.15 to $0.35. You can still get the traffic you want from the keywords in the middle of the range. And it does seem that the higher end of the range is a little bit better. At least for PPC.

For example, do you think that an average keyword in the range of $0.35 to $1.00 gets you any traffic? I really think it does get you some traffic. And probably a lot of it. But here is the problem. It is not targeted. And it is not highly targeted either. What I mean is, if you have a budget of $10 to $20 a click and you are bidding on keywords in the range of $0.15 to $1.00 you will have about 404 clicks to your website. Not enough to make it profitable. But if you get some really targeted keywords, you might get enough traffic to make it profitable. And then you can go further…But then you will have to invest more money in the end to up your conversion rate. But knowing PPC from basics will save you a lot of money and time and still get you to profit.

And a perfect world would be one with the enormous demand for the products that we need and industry with unlimited demand.

Obviously, that is not the case and it is also impossible to create such a shortage on the internet. But there is this thing we have to take care of. And that is to have a great offer. If people can’t find you and you don’t have an offer that they love, they will not buy from you. Because in the end they will get frustrated and they will not like the service that you are offering.

And on the other hand, if you have a great offer, and the company is amazing and the product is great then no one will ever worry about building a customer base. And finally, you will have sales on autopilot. The moment you start generating profits, you can stop, because sales are coming in. And you can do this over and over again. If you want to, you can even duplicate your entire business 100 times.

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Rajnish Kumar (Digital Rajnish) is an Indian digital Entrepreneur & Blogger. He is also CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency Named OPINTA™ Solutions.

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